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People Outcomes
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Measurements of your employee wellbeing

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Measure how your people feel in your organization across 6 dimensions

Employee experience is much broader than just engagement. We offer to get a thorough picture of how your people feel in your organization across 6 employee wellbeing measures.

Organization engagement

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Job engagement

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Sense of belonging

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ERDA Engagement Matrix

High organizational engagement (eNPS) reflects people being very positive about the organisation they work for and acting as ambassadors for the corporate brand.

Get a snapshot of your employee division across engagement groups

Understand how happy your employees are with their job and their company using our engagement matrix that shows employee distribution across the 9 engagement groups.

High job engagement reflects people having great enthusiasm to get up each day and do their daily tasks. Can lead to individuals talking passionately about their job, but not necessarily being loyal to the organisation.

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Comprehensive & actionable
employee experience insights

Comprehensive assesment
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Assess your company performance across 7 employee experience dimensions and 45 actionable factors

The methodology was developed and inspired by Josh Bersin and Jacob Morgan research on employee experience.

Piloted and validated with 6 companies and close to 1000 employees in different industries, positions and age groups.

Employee experience dimensions

Growth opportunities

Positive workplace

Strong management

Trust in the organization

Digital tools

Meaningful work


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Growth opportunities

This section focuses on growth opportunities available for employees in the company – the organization’s efforts to facilitate individual growth in terms of time and variety of development opportunities from the employee’s point of view.

Find out the employee experience maturity level your company is currently in

Based on the % of points gathered on each of the employee experience dimensions, we will calculate an average score and assign an employee experience maturity level for your company.

Comparison with benchmarks
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Comparison with peers

National benchmark

Consists of results compiled
from a representative sample of respondents from the country of interest

Industry benchmark

Consists of results compiled
from respondents working in the industry of interest

Baltic’s benchmark

Consists of results complied
from a representative sample
of Baltic’s respondents

High-performing company benchmark

Consists of results of the
best-performing companies
that have completed the
EX Index survey

Will be offered once a certain number of companies will have participated in the survey

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Outlined employe experience factors that matter the most

EX factors that matter

Identify your EX Index factors that matter the most in terms of how employees feel in your organization. Focus areas can be determined depending on which out of 6 employee wellbeing measures should be improved.

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User-friendly & interactive results summary

User-friendly results summary

Get a quick overview of the main results or dig deeper - we offer both!

No boring, data-heavy excel sheets – the results are received in an interactive Power BI report format

​Executive summary

A snapshot of the main company-level insights

Analytical tools

User-friendly tools for performing more in-depth analysis and comparing the data across various employee groups - no previous data analysis experience needed!

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