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Assess how your employees rate their experience in the organization and what are the first steps to improve it with the EX Index survey! 

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Construct your own survey by choosing the relevant topics and receive a Power BI results report in 1.5 month’s time*!   

*if no additional services are chosen


Cherry-pick topics relevant for your organization 

EX Index offers a variety of topics from employee wellbeing to compensation and benefits! 


Analyse the results in a user-friendly way with Power BI 

Power BI allows the user to filter out data by different demographic groups resulting in detailed insights about departments, ages and more! 


Compare your results to peers 

See how you compare to other EX Index users!

Our user base is growing, currently with more than 4500 respondents who have completed the survey. 

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Companies focusing on the right EX strategies and practices have better outcomes across business, people, and innovation.

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EX Index



A communication package that includes visual materials and e-mail template that will make spreading the news about the survey easier 

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People outcomes questions 

Find out how your employees feel, and what is the overall mood at the company with more subjective people outcomes questions

Employee experience questions 

Find out what your employees think about certain initiatives in the company! Choose validated topics and questions based on the newest research  or cherry pick your own desired topics from the question bank

In-depth demographic questions 

A multitude of demographic questions will help you understand how the experience of different groups varies, and what is the company’s promoter and detractor profile 

|Power BI|
|results report 

Comprehensive data summary in a Power BI format that allows you to filter the data and do an in-depth analysis 


Client reviews


Intrum participated in the EX index pilot project and the results were very welcomed. Intrum takes very seriously and puts a lot of work into building a values-based company culture. Feedback from employees is an important and regularly used tool to measure the temperature of the company and understand what still needs to be done. In addition to the already ongoing evaluation of employee satisfaction, engagement and leadership, the EX index survey was a pleasant experience that allowed us to understand how employees feel about the company, what our strengths are and what needs to be improved. It is also pleasing that the results showed the same positive trends as previously conducted internal surveys.

Linda Hakīma

HR, Brand and Communication Director in Baltics

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When your organisation starts using the EX Index tool, you gain access to the EX Index Badge! Display it on your social media platforms and communication materials to showcase your efforts to become the best employer you can be!


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