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EX Index is a comprehensive employee experience survey made to assess your organization's employee experience & wellbeing.


EX Index
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Employee wellbeing

Find out how your employees feel about being part of your organization and what are their overall moods

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Employee experience

Find out how employees rate experience at your company across 7 dimensions and 45 actionable factors

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Find out who are the promoters and detractors of your company and how measures differ across various employee groups

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Measure how your people feel in your organization across 6 dimensions

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Actionable EX insights

Assess your company performance across 7 employee experience dimensions

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with peers

Compare your EX Index results with various benchmarks

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EX factors that

matter the most

Determine EX focus areas, depending on which employee wellbeing measures should be improved

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User-friendly results summary

Get a snapshot of the main insights or dig deeper in an interactive Power BI report


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We have been working with ERDA for several years now, and we were keen to take part in the employee experience survey (EX Index) pilot project.
As a full-cycle food manufacturing company with a diverse workforce and continuous internal processes, it is particularly important for us to find a tool that makes it as easy as possible to measure employee experience across departments while at the same time covering the relevant dimensions. The data obtained in the pilot project demonstrated the most relevant information in each department and provided insights not only into job engagement but also into organizational engagement, highlighting the main challenges when it comes to effective working. This allowed us to update both internal training tools and to plan activities that meet the needs of employees based on the evaluation.
I would also like to commend the ease of use of the results report - when using their interactive analytics tool, everyone can view the data presented in graphs and compare the data with other departments or the company's overall performance. The possibilities for analysis are thus broad, and the level of detail in the data the user wishes to observe is in their own hands.

Iveta Bikse

Company development manager


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Be a part of a positive change and tell the world "I am becoming a better employer" by starting your employee experience journey and receive a badge!

When your organisation starts using the EX Index tool, you gain access to the EX Index Badge! Display it on your social media platforms and communication materials to showcase your efforts to become the best employer you can be!

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